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What is CO2 dry ice? How is dry ice used in industrial cleaning?

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    3 methods of using CO2 dry ice for industrial cleaning

    In addition to the benefits in the fields of wedding decoration, or used to serve the storage of equipment and medical supplies, CO2 dry ice is also used to clean and clean industrial equipment. . Today's article will give you these new features of dry ice.

    CO2 dry ice definition. How is dry ice used to clean industrial cleaning?
    CO2 dry ice, also known by many other names such as dry ice, smoky ice, dry ice, smoky ice, CO2 ice, is a solid product of carbon dioxide (CO2). Dry ice is produced by the process of recovering carbon dioxide from industrial exhaust. Therefore, this type of CO2 dry ice is widely used in cleaning industrial environments, production environments, ...Each method will have its own application and benefits according to the characteristics and operation of dry ice


    The reason why dry ice is used for industrial cleaning purposes is that it does not wear down equipment (even if the surface of the material has not been treated with heat spray, etc.), resulting in durability. affected over time. In addition, CO2 dry ice is also extremely safe for users because it does not conduct electricity on the surface of electronic devices, and does not cause any secondary waste in the cleaning process, saving costs for users. the treatment of various types of waste. As a result, this method minimizes the risks that may occur in the process of industrial cleaning in factories, workshops, ...

    Currently, there are 3 main methods by which dry ice is operated to clean industrial equipment (industrial cleaning):

    1. Peller Kinetic Effect - Peller Kinetic Effect

    2. Method of using thermal shock effect - Thermal Shock Effect

    3. Method of application of gas expansion effect

    Each method will have a different way of working, but all have the same common goal of removing stains, cleaning and sanitizing machines. Moreover, in the CO2 dry ice cleaning process, we can also combine all 3 methods to achieve the best results. Depending on each case, we can apply industrial cleaning methods to suit the needs and budget of the business.

    Through the above sharing, hopefully you have gained more useful knowledge about the benefits of CO2 dry ice, especially when used to serve in the manufacturing industry. For more detailed information on this cleaning method, you can refer to other documents.

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