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Turn your passion into a source of life in simple ways

Thảo luận trong 'Dịch Vụ Khác' bắt đầu bởi hoanggviett, 13/4/20.


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  1. hoanggviett

    hoanggviett admin

    (Website tài trợ: kiến trúc nhà ở đẹp)
    Photography is not only a great hobby, but it can also be a source of revenue if you know how. From selling photos online, working as an assistant to a professional photographer to participating in a photo contest, let’s learn how to make money with your photography career. Here are 5 ways to turn your passion into a source of life in simple ways.

    1. Sell your photos on a stock image library.

    If you have photography experience and a knack for a certain genre (such as landscape photos), try selling your photos on copyrighted image galleries, such as Getty Images, Shutterstock, or Stocksy. Companies, brands, publishers and advertising websites use these copyrighted images for advertising and commercial purposes, making them a great way to make money quickly. You should only submit the best images to ensure they are of good quality for both advertising and publishing purposes.


    2.Build a photography blog / YouTube channel

    Create a photography blog site or YouTube channel to share your photography knowledge. If you build content that is compelling enough (such as tips and tricks or brief guides), you can gain powerful follow-up on social media. This can give you advertising opportunities with brands, photography workshops,…


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    3.Participate in photography contests

    Participate in a number of photography contests in your home country (such as Canon PhotoMarathon) for the opportunity to interact and expand social networks in your field of photography. You will be very surprised to know who you can meet and this competition can bring you the long-term opportunities for you. Some contests even offer cash prizes or products to winners!


    4.Acting as an assistant to a professional photographer

    There are many advantages of being an assistant to a photographer. At first, you will gain experience, and be taught by an expert, which is much better than just watching videos on YouTube or experimenting on your own. Second, you can also build yourself a great set of photos if sometimes the photographer lets you shoot. And finally, as an assistant, you will have income, and be contacted with customers as well as many people in the same field.


    5.Portrait photography service

    Many portrait photographers advertise their services such as online portrait photography. This is a great opportunity for those who want to take personal portraits, or for amateur models who want to have a set of photos. Determine your hourly rate and charge your service for each shot. Don’t forget to make a contract to protect your best interests.


    It should be noted that before you follow the advice above, you need to equip yourself with strong photography skills, and the right equipment to turn your passion into a business. Practice regularly to make sure you improve your skills and seek input from friends and other photographers in the industry.

    >> https:/hoianmoment.com/turn-your-passion-into-a-source-of-life-in-simple-ways/

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