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The fastest way to earn New World Coins

Thảo luận trong 'Chia Sẻ Thủ Thuật' bắt đầu bởi Jamesdarin, 11/5/22.


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  1. Jamesdarin

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    There are many rich areas and biomes in New World where players can find, learn and collect a lot of things. The perfect example of this is the Rivercress Stem, which can be a little elusive to players just starting out on an adventure, but it's actually a very useful ingredient.

    Rivercress Stem is a crafting material, sometimes Town Halls or quest-givers may also need them. It's elusive to many players due to its niche location. Players need to find a large Rivercress plant before they can find a Rivercress Stem. However, if players know where to look for what they need, these plants will be easy to spot.

    Rivercress plants are found in many areas of the map near rivers and waterfalls, with the most abundant areas being the Windsward and Everfall. However, the first thing you need to know is that this particular plant is often found around riverbeds and waterfalls, so players only need to track these locations in the above areas to collect a large number of Rivercress plants.

    Rivercress is a plant that glows bright neon blue, making it look like "floating". They usually grow on mossy rocks and have colored tips. Their size and unique coloration make them easy to identify from a distance by only requiring the player to spot them once.

    But players need to be aware that Rivercress can only be collected by one person at a time, so it may happen that when a player reaches the node, the Rivercress here has been collected by other players. So, collecting Rivercress Stem in less populated areas like Everfall and Windsward will give players a better chance of getting it.

    Of course, players can not only spend a certain amount of time in the game to collect materials, if you have enough New World Coins, you can also buy them directly in the trading station to save your time. Although some of the materials in the game are very precious, they cannot be compared with New World Coins. Therefore, it is very difficult for many players to use New World Coins because they cannot get very many New World Coins.

    Now there is good news, is selling New World Coins at a low price. There, players can buy the most New World Coins with the least amount of money. Go and try it! It is worth mentioning that if you buy enough New World Gold, in addition to enjoying up to 5% discount, you will also get some free New World Coins.

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