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The cuisine can not be missed when coming to Da Nang

Thảo luận trong 'Dịch Vụ Khác' bắt đầu bởi hoanggviett, 11/2/20.

  1. hoanggviett

    hoanggviett admin

    (Website tài trợ: kiến trúc nhà ở đẹp)
    Not only known by the beautiful tourist destinations, poetic beaches, drinking passes. Da Nang also makes the tourists who have ever come here to be attached by the taste of the dishes and drinks with a strong Central flavor that only in Danang can taste so delicious.

    “Let’s Coffee!” - 43 Factory Coffee Roaster will bring you a true coffee experience with a special space. A modern and beloved Da Nang in you will have 43 Factory Coffee Roaster from now on.

    43 Factory Coffee Roaster is located at Lot 422, Ngo Thi Si street, My An district, Da Nang. This area has been full of coffee fragrance for more than 1 year.

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    Visit 43 Factory Coffee Roaster, coffee - cuisine lovers and tourists will experience the third wave of coffee properly. Western cuisine style goes with the warmth and enthusiasm of the Eastern youth, which will make you feel fascinated.

    Do not have regular coffee taste like every large and small coffee shop in Vietnam, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster offers customers a rich and sophisticated choice with exquisite simple dishes such as Espresso, Cappuccino, .. or elegant like Milkbase or Immersion. And have you ever heard of decaffeinated coffee? If it's strange then go to 43 Factory and try many magic drinks like this.


    The ingredients to make a cup of coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster are selected meticulously. All specialty coffee beans are imported from the famous lands of coffee. 100% of coffee beans reach over 85 points assessed by the Specialty Coffee Association and apply to grading coffee and cupping coffee terms. You will be very surprised about the taste of coffee there because it is completely different from the coffee usually served in popular Vietnamese coffee shops.

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    Besides, other dishes such as Brunch, pastry, smoothie bow are all interesting options for your stomach and soul. Grilled chicken Panini with an Espresso or any of your impromptu combination will bring an inspiring and sophisticated culinary experience.

    The space at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is a combination of modernity, sophistication, and harmony with feng shui in the concept of the East. The spacious outdoor with its fresh atmosphere helps people feel comfortable with the scent of coffee. Guests will drink coffee and taste the fruit note beside the Koi fish pond.

    The interior of the coffee shop is wide and airy with transparent glass connecting inside and outside. With a strong steel frame and rough brick walls, the aroma of coffee is stored in every air particle, in both brown and gently woven fibers to the corner of Ngo Thi Si street. The modern and elegant coffee shop enables you to build an inspiring world for your soul.

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