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Strong points and drawbacks of solar installation you should know

Thảo luận trong 'Dịch Vụ Khác' bắt đầu bởi hoamarkdao, 7/1/22.

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    Solar installation energy is becoming a perfect new energy solution that is highly appreciated by countries worldwide. This clean, renewable energy source brings many economic benefits and contributes significantly to protecting our planet. However, is this the perfect solution without weaknesses? Let's find out the pros and cons of solar energy in the article below.

    Solar installation: Advantages and disadvantages of solar solutions
    Just a few years ago, the cost was one of the major downsides of roof top solar systems. However, the situation has completely changed. The cost of manufacturing solar panels has decreased tenfold over the years, and the financial incentives make it very attractive to many corporate organizations and households alike. Besides, solar energy also has advantages such as:

    • Cut electricity bills thanks to the amount of electricity generated from the system. In addition, you can sell excess electricity to power facilities.

    • The payback period is only 5-6 years, while the standard use time of a solar power system is up to 30 years.

    • Solar systems help cool roofs on hot days and make them warmer on cold days.

    • In addition to the economic benefits, solar energy helps to reduce CO2 emissions, reducing emissions. As a result, reducing the greenhouse effect and protecting a healthy environment.

    • The maintenance cost for solar panel systems is relatively low.

    However, we cannot deny that installing a solar energy system still have two fundamental disadvantages such as:

    • Although the cost of solar installation energy is trending down year by year and brings many cost benefits in the long run, the initial investment cost to install a solar power system is relatively high.

    • The system does not generate electricity when it is dark or when the weather is cloudy. The amount of electricity generated is highly dependent on the intensity of the sun's rays. Therefore, the power output will also decrease when it is cloudy or raining for a long time. This problem is solved by the battery system storing electricity.

    Although there are certain disadvantages, we cannot deny the great benefits that this energy solution brings. We can easily see important benefits such as long-term cost savings and owning a clean, safe, and limitless energy source. In addition, solar installation service providers are constantly evolving in both technology and expertise to deliver an efficient and durable solar installation solution and lower installation and operating costs.

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