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Photography will always be my passion

Thảo luận trong 'Dịch Vụ Khác' bắt đầu bởi hoanggviett, 6/11/19.

  1. hoanggviett

    hoanggviett admin

    (Website tài trợ: kiến trúc nhà ở đẹp)
    Do you ever feel like you really love photography and want to stick with your whole life for this job, or simply consider it a hobby for every free afternoon to take your laptop somewhere for a relaxed soul?

    To me… Hoi An Photographer is my everything


    1. Photography is a companion

    My life is associated with trips, and in each trip I always have a camera as a companion. The feeling of traveling to different lands with different cultures and capturing the emotions during the trip on the pictures is really wonderful.

    I was charmed with photography ever since. The camera is always with me leisurely on the long road from time to time I'm not good. The number of photos I have saved on my computer keeps growing, proportional to the fact that my passion is never exhausted.
    There were times when I could not take the camera, and I felt uneasy in my body. Life without photography is like a lack of a friend, no one to open up, to be happy with, to be sad.


    2. Photography is passion

    Everyone has a certain passion for something.

    When we were little, we loved toys, so much so that we would try to study hard to get toys as a reward from our parents. When we grow up, there are people who are passionate about learning, learning, studying more, studying forever, there are enthusiasts about family, all their life just raising their children.


    For me, photography, especially product photography, is something that makes it possible for me to put aside other small hobbies and live with it. The shoot lasted for tens of hours, making me seem to forget about the surroundings. The nights of staying awake after tired classes in the land, books, photography lessons are things that fascinate me so much that whenever I experience something new, I feel hungry or tired. no more.

    Passion is something that when people are alive, it always exists.


    3. Photography is a profession

    Career choice is an important decision in life, are you willing to leave steady jobs to become a photographer?

    Many supporters, many protesters, there are also many who do not hesitate to walk along the same path. But no matter what, up to this point, I still believe in what I choose.


    Photography comes to me like a charm. It is not just a hobby, a passion, but also a profession that helps me to cover my life and develop my career. Someone said living with passion and the arts is miserable, but I feel being able to make money with my passion is a great happiness.

    Now I have a small studio, my brothers who are not afraid to suffer in the same direction, photography classes that students learn not only knowledge but also love photography. For us, luggage carrying classes is a great desire to bring a new and colorful photography world to all the young people who are stuck and feel depressed, disoriented with photography. On top of that, we would like to contribute a bit of effort to help enhance the image of Vietnamese brands and photography lovers in general, opening a new world where young people can find themselves and wave freely. region in the immense world of Hoi An Photographer

    Is that enough to define the word "successful"?

    4. Photography is love and ideal.

    People often talk about the ideals of their lives, I'm not an exception.

    I want to spread my passion to the young people who share my hobbies. I want the country to have more people who love photography like me. Through photography, we - people regardless of gender, age as well as social status - come together in the most sincere and passionate way. Not really luxurious places, remote lands, but the most simple things in everyday life around them, recorded in the language of photography, the language of passion, of the heart and love !


    Every day I wake up, photography makes me feel more beautiful, making me realize there are many goals ahead that I need to achieve. Someday, the photography career I am building will thrive, the photography classes will grow, and the country will have many people who hold a camera like me.

    What about you, what is photography in you?

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