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Lost Ark Gold Guide: Farm Ways, Methods for Beginners

Thảo luận trong 'Điện Thoại - Ipad' bắt đầu bởi lostarkgoldrsvsr, 23/2/22.

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    Lost Ark is about to become one of the biggest games on Steam. As it is an MMOARPG, you can expect different currencies in play. Gold is one of the rarer currencies required to trade or sell within the auction houses in Lost Ark. They can be converted into other currencies like royal crystals and blue crystals in exchange. In addition to that, it is also used to upgrade your gear and can be traded with players. So, here’s our guide on how to get gold in Lost Ark.

    Spend time with NPC Rapport

    Players can interact with NPCs in the form of Rapport. They can give gifts, complete side quests, and further dialogue with certain characters in the game, and if they do this enough, some NPCs will give players gifts. These gifts can sometimes net the players a nice amount of gold, so it's worth going out of the way to do this.

    Complete collection tasksWhat’s the point? In Lost Ark, there are countless different collectibles that you can take with you. However, many of them cost more money than they bring you in the end.

    The objects that you should also focus on are the so-called masterpieces. Unfortunately, you will only find these relatively rare, but you can also find some here relatively early in the game.

    The more masterpieces you find, the more Los Ark rewards you for it. By the way, you don’t even have to hand in the masterpieces, you just have to own them to bag the rewards.

    How does this work? Masterpieces are collectible items in Lost Ark. You get them by completing various tasks, quests, or by filling adventure tomes.

    If you have collected some of them, you can get a reward from the NPC Alfonso on the sunflower island west of Pleccia. The painter just wants to see the masterpieces, so you don’t lose them.

    In total, you can find 38 different masterpieces in Lost Ark. Alfonso always rewards you for this in ascending sections. You get gold for the first time when you have collected 20 masterpieces. Then Alfonso will reward you with 3,000 gold.

    At 30 masterpieces, he again jumps 5,000 Gold . If you then manage to collect 34, there is another 8,000 gold on the high edge and if you have found all 38, the sunflower painter will give you another 13,000 gold.

    In total, you can earn 29,000 gold by collecting the masterpieces. However, this is a one-off, which is why it is not a long-term source of gold income.

    What masterpieces can you easily get? If you consistently focus on the collection tasks in the game, you will get many of the masterpieces thrown after you. Exploration in the game is most likely to get you further if that’s what you want to focus on.

    You will receive a masterpiece for each of the following tasks, which are relatively easy to earn:

    For a total of 30 and 55 island tokens, you get one each

    Complete the Artists in Residence quest on Sunflower Island

    Fill the Eastern Luterra Adventure Tome to 50%

    Fill Tortoyk Adventure Tomes to 50%

    Fill Anikka’s Adventure Tome 50% full

    Fill the North Vern Adventure Tome 50% full

    Fill Shushire Adventure Tomes to 40%

    Fill the Rohendel adventure tome to 40%

    Collect a total of 24 World Tree Leaves

    Complete the questline “The Light of Love” which starts on the island of Liebeheim

    Complete level 25 in the tower

    As a random loot from secret dungeons

    Purchase from the Vernesian Science Vessel for 10,000 Pirate Coins

    Chaos Dungeon

    Chaos dungeons have 2 ways of making gold in Lost Ark:

    - After killing the boss on stage, there is a chance to spawn a red or gold portal. Both of these portals reward gold and various extra materials. Red portal gives more gold than gold portal. You can only earn gold rewards from these two portals during your first two daily runs. They do not give gold rewards during infinite chaos dungeon spam. The amount of gold given depends on the difficulty of the chaos dungeon.

    - The second way is selling materials on auction house as upgrade materials you gain are tradable, you can also get accessories with best-in-slot stats and engravings that you can sell. Broken gear that has different random tripod levels that you can only get in tier 3 chaos, a chance of getting ability stones and engraving books that you can also sell if they are valuable. You can only farm chaos dungeons in tier 3 only for crystals that you can exchange for tradable materials you can sell. Only sell upgrade materials if you are really desperate for gold.

    Abyss Dungeons

    Getting gold can be achieved by farming in the Abyss Dungeons, completed in four groups. These are limited to three times per week, linked with specific character lockouts, and useful for gear progression.

    You can’t run these by yourself like Chaos Dungeons, so you need to work with other competent players to gain the most benefit. You can farm gold in Abyss Dungeons on Tier 3.

    There is a chance each character can get a ton of gold from these dungeons every week. Completing the dungeons will yield 7000 Gold in the hardest difficulty, while the normal difficulty yields 2400 Gold.

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