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Instruct Magento SEO: Make Your Store Easy to Find

Thảo luận trong 'Dịch Vụ Khác' bắt đầu bởi SmartOSC Zoho, 4/10/21.

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    So you have finally made your Magento eCommerce store and are ready to sell your products on the web. But what’s that? No one can find you online? Worry not, Magento is an SEO friendly platform and easy to set up for you appearing in the search results. Making your store easy to find is a necessity, and implementing good SEO practices with Magento is not difficult.

    Magento has many features out of the box. There is actually a lot more that you can do with it that is not explicitly stated. SEO is one of them, and fully utilizing it will bring your business to the forefront and ahead of competitors. When you are deep into SEO, you truly begin to understand what it is that makes your potential customers tick. Knowing that you can strategize how to appear in front of them the next time they open Google.

    With thoughtful Magento Website Development, you can easily implement the best practices it takes to rank on the search engine results page(SERP). That’s because having a stable website is also considered by Google when ranking. Let’s gloss over how you can leverage the SEO features of Magento to achieve these goals.

    Headers and Title Tags

    Magento on its own has the capability to create title tags automatically. With further Magento Customization, you can start creating them manually for added functionality. You can add predefined title tags and create different product groups. Defining the hierarchy of headers is also important, you can place them with clear differences from inside Magento agency.

    Product Page URLs

    You can customize the URL for each and every product, a basic tip is keeping it as short as possible. That means not including every detail, especially the product category which is generally added automatically to each product page. Magento gives you the option to speed up this process. There is an option in configuration settings that automates the addition of the categories path which you can simply disable. Now you can make shorter URLs without having to edit the path every time yourself.

    Deal with Duplicate Content

    The general practice would have you make every product description unique on your Magento eCommerce Platform. Your uniqueness will be heavily considered when ranking your website in the SERP. Unfortunately, sometimes you will have a plethora of similar products that do not warrant one of a kind descriptions. Magento lets you create a canonical tag for situations like this, use the tag to link these duplicates. Google will then recognize this action and not penalize your site in the SERP.


    Your eCommerce store will have a lot of pages that you do not want to be indexed. These include checkout pages, the cart, admin pages, and more. By adding “nofollow” links to these types of pages, these will not be appearing on the results page. You don’t want these on the SERP because they lead to content that is undesired by new prospects.


    Besides creating an eCommerce site to showcase and sell your products, Magento will allow you to also make your products SEO friendly. The importance of this cannot be overstated, while your store may look nice, what’s the point if people can’t find it? SEO is a little complicated, but that should not scare you when you are using the most SEO friendly eCommerce platform. Having the right practices in unison with the platform will allow you to take your online store to new heights!

    Article source: Magento Vietnam

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