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HRSG Cleaning - The benefits of periodic cooling tower cleaning

Thảo luận trong 'Diễn Đàn Đi BackLink' bắt đầu bởi hoamarkdao, 4/3/22.

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    HRSG Cleaning - Cooling towers are important equipment for many refrigeration systems in factories, workshops, and commercial centers. Cleaning the cooling tower is necessary to ensure the tower is always working properly. Because the process of continuous operation has direct contact between water and air, it is easy to cause bacteria and dirt accumulation as well as many other problems. This article will present the top reasons why it is important to perform periodic tower cleaning.

    Why is it important to clean the cooling tower (HRSG Cleaning) periodically according to the plan?
    HRSG Cleaning - Cooling towers remove heat from the system water through evaporation. When part of the water is evaporated, minerals will be deposited. Cooling towers create an ideal environment for the accumulation of minerals and deposits. Water treatment can help limit these mineral deposits, but to control bacterial growth and ensure the system is in top condition, a thorough cooling tower cleaning (HRSG Cleaning) should be performed from the bottom of the tower to the bottom of the tower. buffer block.

    Scale formation and corrosion can lead to physical damage to the tower or its components. In the warm conditions inside the tower, algae bacteria and other microorganisms multiply very quickly. Biofilm, a type of physical membrane filled with bacteria, can cause corrosion and other problems due to the influence of microorganisms. It also contains many pathogenic bacteria that will harm the health of workers when coming into contact with or working in that area.


    As such, failure to periodically clean the cooling tower will result in more frequent water treatment to keep the water clean. Not only does this not save money, it also costs businesses more to repair system failures, more water treatment, and reduced operational efficiency.

    Cooling tower cleaning (HRSG Cleaning) should be planned periodically and in accordance with the system, in order to prevent the growth of bacteria, the accumulation of scale and maintain the pH of the water in the tower at an appropriate level. fit. This not only helps to increase the life of the system, but also significantly reduces the costs incurred, maintenance and keeps the system operating stably.

    In short, to keep the process running smoothly and regularly, we should check and clean the cooling tower (HRSG Cleaning). Thank you for your interest in and following our articles.

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