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How to Make Gold Quickly with TBC Classic

Thảo luận trong 'Công Cụ Hỗ Trợ SEO' bắt đầu bởi igvaultwowgold, 22/2/22.

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    Making money Is an important part of Wow Classic TBC experience. Whether you’re leveling dungeons or crushing mobs, you’ll always find lots of great ways to farm, especially profitable in the first two to four weeks. Amazing WOW Gold Classic .. Here covers several different ways to make gold with TBC Classic.

    Flipping the Auction House

    With the release of the TBC Classic, the demand for many items that previously were top choices for flipping has fallen dramatically. Luckily, the expansion has introduced a plethora of new materials that will be in high demand for the whole lifespan of TBC. Moreover, many vanilla mats have become much more scarce as nobody is farming them anymore, while they still are in demand (people level up alts and train professions on them, etc.) - if you know which ones are needed the most, you can make a lot of gold by flipping them. Use the demand for certain items to your advantage; buy them at a below-average price and then resell them at a profit. Mats, like Rugged Leather and Thorium, are much less common in TBC which makes them great choices for flipping (remember to check the prices and use Auctioneer, or another similar addon, to check the demand before investing - the demand will depend on the server's population, age of the expansion, and other factors). Some other low-level mats are also great flipping choices - Mithril, Mageweave Cloth, Silver, and generally every other low-level material needed to level up your professions (especially if it's needed for Jewel Crafting). As for TBC Classic mats, pretty much all of them are flippable - just keep in mind that a lot of people will do that and thus the competition (and prices) will be quite high.

    This method is quite unique because you don't need level, gear, or high amounts of time to implement it... but you need a hefty initial investment of Gold (you have to buy the stuff you're gonna resell, after all). We will not pretend that Flipping is a miraculous, secret method; many people do it and do it well, and there are addons that can help you with it (we recommend the classic - Auctioneer). If you are new to flipping, there are some important things to remember:

    There is a 5% auction house cut on all sold items; take it into account during your profit calculations.

    If your auction expires, you don't get your deposit back, and the longer the chosen auction time, the higher the deposit.

    Try to post short auctions, not only because deposits are lower, but also because you will get undercut before your auctions end anyway; this will minimize your costs.

    Don't rush your auctions; if your assets fall in price, hold them for some time (on a bank alt or even in a mailbox), prices will rise up again most likely (they tend to fluctuate weekly - everything gets a bit more expensive on weekends because of increasing server population).

    Focus on items that are needed by many players in large quantities; crafting materials, especially ones needed for consumables and popular crafted end-game gear are great choices. You can also search for rare but still in-demand stuff, like recipes - many people will try to sell them quickly, below their actual value - take advantage of that.

    Think, analyze, and be patient; if you notice that auction house gets flooded with a certain item constantly, you might want to skip that item for the time being; its price will most likely drop, and you'll be getting undercut all the time - not worth it.

    The price of materials is often lower than the price of a complete Item. If you have appropriate professions, you can make additional TBC Classic Gold by buying mats on the AH, crafting stuff, and then selling it.

    Instanced Content

    Farming dungeons and raids are certainly one way of making really nice gold. There’s plenty of trash, with the vast majority of humanoids in these instances granting raw gold. Furthermore, dungeons offer some really high chances of green and blue BoE drops. Some items might sell on the AH really well, while others may disenchant to create valuable enchanting materials. If none of those is applicable, then selling items to vendor for raw gold can generate an income passively while playing the game.

    Paladins are by far the best class to farm Vanilla Instanced content because they have no target cap on their consecration. Furthermore, if they get themselves to Honored with the Sporeggar rep, you can grab a shield that guarantees inflicts poison on those who are blocked. The shield increases damage while offering decent mitigation for a lvl 70 shield at the same time. Combine both the Shield and Consecration, backed with some TBC plate gear, and the pally can farm old dungeons like Strath and BRD easily. Sell the green and all the trash that drops from the dungeon and you can make a pretty penny

    On the other hand, mages are in the position to spell cleave down and solo most of the Slave Pens trash or Vanilla instance content too. It is a nice way of generating extra bank on the side. However, both the Mages and Paladins need to be careful not to do it during the early phases of TBC. Instance lockout is back in Classic servers and so farming old content for gold could cause setbacks on farming TBC rep and prebis gear.

    Primal Farming

    Motes are well known for being some of the most highly coveted items for their requirements in getting TBC players their pre-raid BiS gear. Some players speculate that a single fire mote will be going for 4k gold or more in TBC.

    Similar to the issue with herbalism, you can never know if you’re going to be able to grab an elemental reliably enough to get drops when their spots are being camped (Nagrand, for instance, is almost always filled with players camping elementals).

    This means that the efficacy of mote farming will depend entirely on finding a good spot in your server to reliably pull the mobs you need for drops. Otherwise, you’ll likely be grinding out gold in other ways to get your motes (eventually).

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