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How to make fancy garnishes for your cocktail

Thảo luận trong 'Thông Tin Công Cụ Tìm Kiếm' bắt đầu bởi barhomevip, 20/7/22.


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    Some of the most extreme garnishes aren’t all that practical for home use (next-level Bloody Marys, anyone?). Then there are the super-fancy, seemingly impossible drink-toppers used by Martin Cate and his team at San Francisco’s world-class tiki bar Smuggler’s Cove.

    Whether you’re planning a garden party with friends or summer brunch with family, mastering the art of the cocktail garnish will help level up your hosting skills.

    Garnish with Fruits and Veggies
    When considering how to garnish a cocktail, fruits and vegetables provide several easy and elegant options.

    Celery and cucumber are popular garnishes for cocktails like the Le Citron Bloody Mary and the Cucumber Fizz. Adding slices of jalapeño can also spice things up.
    Fresh fruit adds color and subtle flavour when placed in the glass as in the Watermelon Basil & Soda. Fruit and berries can also be placed on the rim or laid across the top of the glass on skewers.
    Citrus, as famously featured in the Lemon Drop, is like the all-star MVP of garnishes. The oils from their skin add an incredible finishing aroma and complexity – taking a drink to the next level. Not to mention adding a pop of color! Expressing the oils from a twist directly into the center of a drink and then around the rim of a glass creates a multi-sensorial experience. The tartness from citrus wedges is also a great counterpoint to the sweetness of syrups and allows for a final tweak of balance. And decorating glass rims with citrus twists provides a visual clue to the flavours to come.
    Candied fruit is a fun way to introduce an element of sweetness and a great way to preserve fruits of the season. Instead of garnishing your Cosmopolitan with a fresh orange twist, why not try a candied orange peel?
    And for a little extra excitement, fruit can be soaked in the liqueur or spirit of your choice before it’s added to the cocktail. The Blood Orange Sangria is a shining example.

    Mint Sprig & Napkin Cape
    Whether you’re throwing a superhero party or just need to keep your hands dry while sipping a sweaty cocktail on a hot summer’s day, here’s a simple way to accomplish both. We see many caped Mojitos in our immediate future.

    1. Add a mint sprig and freshly ground nutmeg to your drink (nutmeg is optional). Fold a cloth napkin horizontally and make another half-inch fold at the top. Continue to roll it down halfway (until you have enough material on the ends to tie it).
    2. Place the napkin around the center of the glass and tie it off.

    Ice for Impact
    Is ice even a garnish? Yes, it can be! Although ice plays a functional role, it can certainly add to the visual appeal and enjoyment of a cocktail. Herbed ice cubes and cubes of frozen juices can provide striking visual and flavour elements.

    Pineapple Leaves
    Making frozen Daiquiris or Painkillers at home? Wow your guests with this seemingly complicated, but actually super-simple pineapple fan. Add a mint sprig and lemon twist for extra excitement.

    1. Pull three full pineapple leaves from the fruit and spread them out into the shape of a fan. Using the ice in the glass to hold them in place, insert the pineapple fan into the glass.
    2. Get extra-fancy by placing a sprig of mint and a thin lemon twist (use a channel knife for this) in front of the pineapple fan.

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