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How is FEVE paint applied? The top benefits of applying FEVE paint

Thảo luận trong 'Dịch Vụ Khác' bắt đầu bởi hoamarkdao, 8/3/22.

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    FEVE metalcoating paint is a highly appreciated solution to increase longevity, while anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet for the construction is the top concern of contractors. So what is FEVE paint? The article of today will help you learn more about this “magical” paint.

    Metal coating - How is FEVE paint applied? The top benefits of applying FEVE paint
    FEVE resins are copolymers of a fluoroethylene monomer (FE) and a vinyl ether monomer (VE). These resins were developed to get better of the processing disadvantages of traditional fluoropolymer resins which are required to be melted or solubilized at extremely high temperatures to be able to form a barrier metal coating.


    As for the ability to be cured at ambient temperatures, FEVE metal coatings allow fabricators flexibility. The fluoropolymer coating also has low permeability to oxygen, water and chloride, which provides high resistance to degradation when exposed to environmental conditions and airborne pollutants. FEVE resins can be repaired easily and are often applied to restore PVDF projects which have degraded after a long time.

    FEVE paint can be used to re-coat structures previously coated with degraded PVDF paint. This paint is ideal for structures that are difficult to repaint such as tall buildings, water towers, bridges, etc. This paint can be used to repaint other metal coatings. The FEVE coating is resistant to ultraviolet rays and corrosive agents of metal materials. FEVE powder coating can be used for outdoor works or indoor architecture. The composition of FEVE paint contains a hydroxyl functional group polyester resin, so it has good impact resistance and high flexibility. This paint has high durability, promoting surface protection for up to 20 years.

    Features of FEVE paint:

    Plastic paint FEVE (based on fluoropolymer) has a glossy and bright color to help increase the aesthetics of the building. FEVE paint can bond well to a wide range of substrates such as metal, plastic, glass and fiberglass. The Fluorine-Carbon bonding and thermal properties of FEVE resin paint make it possible for the metal coating to work well without a primer. Because of its versatility and high applicability, this paint is used in many constructions and applications. architecture.

    Requirements for surface preparation when painting FEVE:

    • Surface cleaning by sandblasting, high-pressure water spray.

    • Remove loose materials

    • Preparation and the main substrate

    FEVE paint is the optimal surface protection and repair solution which is applied worldwide. You can read our other articles to learn more about today's highly rated metal and building protection solutions. For more information, you can learn more from more articles about this metal coating paint in the Internet.

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