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Facial Machine Review Ranking

Thảo luận trong 'Thẩm Mỹ Viện' bắt đầu bởi angelauy, 15/12/21.

  1. angelauy

    angelauy admin

    (Website tài trợ: kiến trúc nhà ở đẹp)
    A ranking of the most popular facial devices based on user reviews! Check out not only the good reviews, but also the neutral and bad reviews!

    Galvanic Spa II

    It can clean 200,000 pores and add beauty essence at the same time in just 5 minutes, whitening, tightening, clarifying, smoothing, moisturizing, all in all, very satisfying. It also has four functions: body tightening, hair aesthetic, and more.

    Nicole Kittman was the one who sparked the trend when she was featured in the German beauty magazine Volk. She is famous for saying that she would not walk the red carpet without this galvanic.

    L&L SKin MIO2 massager

    I like the fact that it is easy to use. Even if I buy something like this, I tend to leave it behind if it's difficult to use, but this face lift massager is so easy to use that I use it every day after my bath while watching TV or listening to CDs. I recommend it.


    Kenon is famous as a home hair removal device, but it can also be used as a facial beauty device by simply replacing the facial cartridge. Since I started using it, my skin pigmentation and blemishes have faded, and my acne scars have become less noticeable. I feel like my skin is brighter.
  2. angelauy

    angelauy admin

    Belle Femme SDX Pro

    It's very expensive and very effective. I do it about three times a week, and it lifts my skin so well that my husband says my face looks different after each treatment. I can see the difference in my face. The texture of my skin also becomes more even. It's just amazing. But it's expensive. The special gel is also expensive. I can't take it with me when I go on vacation because it's not portable, and it takes 10 to 20 minutes at a time, but it's not easy. But overall, I am satisfied with it.

    It's expensive compared to other beauty machines, but the satisfaction is worth the price. I think once you buy one, it will last you a lifetime. I have tried many different products, but Belfam is clearly different.

    L&L Skin MAMI massage

    It's not a facial device , but I use the agate to give myself a facial massage. I can use it not only on my face but also on my whole body, and I can do it anywhere. My face is smaller than before, and it also helps with the dirt in my pores.

    JF IZUMI "Ultrasonic Facial Massager

    This product used to be sold only by word of mouth and catalog, but now it is also sold online. It's not very famous, but it's a reliable place for face care cosmetics and beauty equipment, and I happened to know about it 10 years ago. The ultrasonic facial equipment here has been repeatedly improved, and now costs 10,000 yen with a bottle of gel. Moreover, my old facial machine hasn't broken down even after 15 years, and I gave it to my daughter when she upgraded it (lol). I use it every day because it feels so good, especially for tightening my face lines, wrinkles and sagging. It makes me so happy to see my skin getting better that I can't stop using it every day.

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