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Experience the relaxing space when sipping coffee in Da Nang

Thảo luận trong 'Dịch Vụ Khác' bắt đầu bởi hoanggviett, 18/2/20.


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  1. hoanggviett

    hoanggviett admin

    (Website tài trợ: kiến trúc nhà ở đẹp)
    A quiet little corner to admire the scenery, the flow of people rushing to each other to drift away thoughts or a dynamic young space like the growing pace of life in Danang are the places that are Most attention in this young city. But there is a space that can harmonize the two spaces but still does not affect each other, do you believe it? Discover the article below to answer the question yourself.

    Da Nang city with the beautiful natural landscape and hospitable people attracts visitors from every corner of the world. And people also visit Danang because of a coffee roastery for a travel experience beyond the space-time limit. Let's visit 43 Factory Coffee Roaster!

    Coffee culture has become a beauty in the life of Vietnamese people in particular and the civilization of the modern world in general. Every moment of coffee gives people a different shade of excitement.

    Take-away coffee cups enable officers to work effectively and raise brilliant ideas. A corner of the sidewalk coffee brings people back to very simple things in everyday life. Having a coffee on top of a skyscraper awake a desire in people to conquer the world.

    And is there any place where you feel the experience of travel through space and time limit? Let’s try 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.

    >>> Taste the taste of Good Coffee in Da Nang at 43 Factory Coffee

    Travel with coffee beans around the world

    43 Factory Coffee Roaster offers a truly authentic third-wave-of-coffee experience. Therefore, all factors related to the cup of coffee served to customers must be carefully selected and have the best quality. Coffee beans are the top priority of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.


    Coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is imported from hundreds of farms around the world - the motherlands of coffee which have the most suitable climate and soil conditions for coffee beans. At the same time, farmers understand the characteristics and have experience in taking care of coffee trees. That ensures the best and highest quality coffee beans. Wet pre-processing is also controlled strictly.

    Coffee beans from the Reko Cooperative, a rich country in Ethiopia bring diners to the land at an altitude of 1850 - 2100m above sea level. Coffee is nourished by the water from the region's middle river and also processed by the pure local water. From farm to cup, the scent of peach, jasmine, and raisins will make diners temporarily forget the hustle and bustle and get lost in a sunny, gentle, windy South Africa.

    The beans from the Finca Al Cascajal farm take visitors to a rich forest with more than 630 apple trees intercropped with coffee and 500 acres of forest - home to 176 species of birds and 112 species of orchids. Fazenda São Benedito from Brazil offers the taste of red berries, pears, tropical fruits and the occasional sweetness of caramel and cocoa.

    Such space adventures are well worth a minute of enjoying coffee at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster.


    Time travel is possible at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster

    >>> Discover more about the unique flavors of Brunch in Da Nang and Breakfast in Da Nang

    Not only have the finest coffee, but 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is also a place to store and hide timeless stories.

    Did the stories which were written on 43 Factory Coffee Roaster's fan page timeline keep you awake on an anniversary? Would an eternal photo make a girl melt when seeing a familiar corner? Will a little piece of paper be the beginning of a lovely relationship: friends, colleagues or soulmates?


    Time seems to stay at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster with memories and connections for the future. Therefore, the virtual timeline on Facebook, the real timeline at the coffee shop settles with emotions within people.

    A Coffee Roaster location in Da Nang - have you tried?

    Nguồn : https:/43factory.coffee/en/coffee-roaster-locations-in-danang-for-the-experience-of-space-time-travel.html

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