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Experience the professionalism of the process inside a coffee roaster

Thảo luận trong 'Dịch Vụ Khác' bắt đầu bởi hoanggviett, 2/3/20.

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    Let's explore how to create delicious coffee beans at the roasting workshop in Da Nang in the article below. Hopefully the article below will help you better understand the value of coffee beans. Spirit drink is indispensable in Vietnamese culture and people In the coastal city of Danang, people can smell the sweet coffee scent from a roastery called 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. Bringing the essence of the whole world in coffee beans to the special roastery, 43 Factory offers culinary lovers the most unique and perfect experience - both travel experience and cuisine experience.

    Vietnamese people love coffee and have a diverse culture. Nevertheless, there are still few places that people can discover the coffee culture in-depth and get a real third-wade-of-coffee experience. Furthermore, the expensive investment for facilities to build a standard, professional and sustainable coffee culture is even more difficult for small Vietnamese businessmen.

    Built as a model of a Coffee Roastery for the city of Da Nang, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster gives diners a classy experience, not only from the system of technical facilities but also from the skills and baristas’ love for coffee.


    A modern and premium coffee roastery in Da Nang

    >>> Find out more about Roastery Coffee locations in Da Nang

    With the main product of Specialty Coffee and the mission to broaden the true coffee experience, 43 Factory Coffee Roaster is born and operated with a modern, cutting-edge machinery system worth many years of creativity.

    43 Factory Coffee Roaster uses a separate space surrounded by glass so that customers can see the aromatic seeds imported from the lands of coffee in the world. At the same time, it also helps workers cover the product and control the quantity. The enclosed space provides a separate atmosphere, possesses a heat balancer that maintains the right moisture for coffee beans and nourishes the essence within them.

    The machines supporting the operation of Baristas at 43 Factory Coffee Roaster includes EK 43S Grinder and EK 43 Grinder for smooth coffee powder. Baristas can easily work them to suit the preparation methods. Machines help produce perfect coffee powder and let the water absorb all the flavors that the coffee powder carries in them.

    La Marzocco Strada MP 2 / EP1 Group with advanced technology supports the baristas to enhance the coffee taste hidden in the finest powdered, giving customers a cup of premium coffee and standard flavor. The cone valve system ensures constant flow and pressure control through an inner hole, before reaching the standard pressure level. The new design of the cone valve helps baristas to control the infusion while the volumetric pump operates at standard pressure. This dynamic system allows baristas to keep balance while working with coffee.

    Other support pieces of equipment, though small, but extremely necessary to create a fragrant shot of coffee. Each amount of coffee used is measured and stored separately. Therefore, the baristas can use the most accurate amount of coffee powder and water for a perfect ratio. The proportion of coffee and water must be so correct that the result is wonderful.

    The sophisticated designed-bottles, the handmade yet scientific system ... you should try once to experience a truly classy and modern coffee roastery in Da Nang!


    With the baristas’ heart, the coffee roastery becomes a love roastery

    Along with the modern system of technical machines, Baristas have the opportunity to show their talents and love for coffee.

    The baristas are workers, and also the conductor when entering the space of 43 Factory Coffee Roaster. They control the notes, select the notes for the taste buds so that customers can enjoy a different and wonderful experience.

    To become a good barista, you first need to love the coffee and the other ingredients. Sometimes, the simplest task to start being a Barista is to select and refine coffee beans, to have the perfect amount of seeds for customers’ premium experience. Like the story of "egg drawing" by Leonardo Da Vinci, this task seems simple, yet meaningful. It helps connect the barista with coffee beans.

    Then there are the techniques that a barista must learn to improve the taste of Espresso, Milk base and millions of other names and recipes. Thanks to the skillful combination of hands and mind, every movement is all for a cup of aromatic coffee.

    Therefore, a high-class coffee roastery is harmony between many elements, including people and "friends" - a system of modern technology machines. That roastery gives people a hundred-year experience from a cup of coffee that possesses the whole world.

    Source : https:/43factory.coffee/en/a-coffee-roastery-location-in-danang-gives-perfect-travel-experience.html

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