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Example of an all-in-one BigCommerce app to scale your store

Thảo luận trong 'Dịch Vụ Khác' bắt đầu bởi SmartOSC Zoho, 4/10/22.


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    Finding powerful approaches to scale your BigCommerce stores usually causes challenges for many business runners. Using BigCommerce apps is considered the fastest way to empower your stores, from selling, administration, and marketing to inventory management. Depending on your specific requirements, there are several choices for you to choose the best tools for your operation. Also, our article today will suggest some examples of BigCommerce apps, which can assist various business tasks.

    Find Ideas To Empower Your Store With Examples Of BigCommerce App


    The most notable all-in-one BigCommerce app that your BigCommerce store may need is Atom8. As an automation application, Atom8 can automate different processes based on conditional workflows with specific steps. This BigCommerce app can totally assist your employees in various departments, from sales, marketing, fulfillment, and customer relationship management. You can take advantage of its remarkable features such as real-time notification, email marketing integration, and discount activation to help your operation go smoothly even in the peak seasons.

    If you are doing business via various channels, you may need an assistant to help you control, manage and keep track of each market. Sellbrite is a BigCommerce app that allows business runners to stay in one place and take control over multi-selling channels. For example, you can add your product listings on various channels concurrently, including on Amazon, Walmart, BigCommerce stores, and so on. Moreover, you can keep track of the stock levels easily without manually checking the warehouses.

    Customer engagement and conversion improvement are two of the main goals of the businesses and Getsitecontrol will handle those tasks.

    This app can assist employees in enriching customer data lists, which are valuable sources to engage customers and convert audiences to paying customers. In detail, Getsitecontrol can make contact forms and allows customers to fill in them so your eCommerce stores don’t need to find various ways to gain enough data for further engagement. Moreover, this tool can run various pop-ups to catch customer attention, boost sales and reduce cart abandonment. You can take advantage of this BigCommerce app to display special deals, which are tailored to customer behaviors.

    Nurturing customer relationship is as crucial as customer attraction and engagement. Therefore, your stores may need a BigCommerce app to run customer loyalty programs based on points or order values. Stamped is exactly what you are looking for to handle this task. Stamped provides you with a customized membership page, which you can freely design following your store styles and provide customers with a place to track their rewards. With a robust analytic tool, Stamped can store and calculate accurately your customers’ points based on your settings so you will no longer need to keep track of membership status by hand.


    We hope our recommendations can help you have certain ideas to find a suitable BigCommerce cross sell app to strengthen different aspects of your store development. Also, to easily boost your revenues, productivity and importantly, your customer satisfaction, you can try to contact us for personalized BigCommerce solutions.

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