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CVL flexible conduit is widely used in various construction projects.

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    Flexible conduit from Cat Van Loi (CVL) is commonly used for various purposes in electrical installations. Some typical applications of flexible conduit include:
    - Wiring Protection: Flexible conduit provides a flexible and protective enclosure for electrical wiring and cables, safeguarding them from physical damage, moisture, and abrasion. It is commonly used to protect wiring in areas where flexibility is required, such as in areas with frequent movement or vibration.
    - Cable Management: Flexible conduit is used for organizing and managing cables in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. It helps to keep cables organized and prevents tangling or entanglement, ensuring a neat and efficient installation.
    - Tight Spaces and Complex Routes: Flexible conduit is particularly useful in installations where tight spaces or complex routing of wiring is involved. Its flexibility allows it to navigate around corners, bends, and obstacles, making it easier to install wiring in challenging locations.
    - Equipment Connections: Flexible conduit is often used to connect electrical equipment, such as machinery, motors, or appliances, to the main electrical system. It provides a secure and flexible conduit system for running wiring to and from equipment, ensuring safe and reliable connections.
    It's important to select the appropriate type and size of flexible conduit from Cat Van Loi based on specific project needs, electrical code requirements, and the conditions of the installation environment.

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