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Best International Kindergarten in Ho Chi Minh City

Thảo luận trong 'Hướng Nghiệp - Chia Sẻ Về Công Việc' bắt đầu bởi marathontos, 20/6/22.


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  1. marathontos

    marathontos admin

    (Website tài trợ: kiến trúc nhà ở đẹp)
    To help you in your own task of finding the best kindergarten for your child we’ve created a useful list of top early years education providers, with all the must know details for each one. But first, here’s our top 3 tips for figuring out how to choose a kindergarten for your little one.
    Top Tip #1: Location Location, Location

    Ask anyone who has lived in the city for a little while what their least favourite part of life in Saigon is, and many will respond with a complaint about the traffic. If you have just arrived in the city it may seem amusingly chaotic but if you are responsible for taking your child to and from school each day, the journey can soon become a very unenjoyable task, particularly when you factor in rush hour and rainy season!
    The important thing to remember is that there are well over a million students in Ho Chi Minh City and whilst not all of them are attending pre-school or nursery, they will be making their way to campus as you are trying to get your kids to school too.
    Top Tip #2: Think about your child’s character

    When you first look for a kindergarten/ nursery school, you will see that there are a number of different curriculums and teaching styles on offer in Ho Chi Minh City. With early years schools following British, American, Australian, Finnish, French, German and Vietnamese programmes, plus different methodologies such as Montessori or Reggio Emilia, it is inevitable that some schools will follow a very structured lesson plan whilst others will offer more freedom.
    If your child is a little more confident and already enjoys playing independently and would perhaps enjoy more freedom, schools that have more holistic approaches (Montessori, Reggio Emilia inspired) may be more suitable.
    Top Tip #3: Research from home and talk to other parents

    One you know which area of Ho Chi Minh City you’re interested in and what type of school you are looking for you can start researching the kindergarten / nursery school options online (our guide is a great place to start!) Once you’ve got a short list of desirable schools, start asking around for people’s own experiences with the schools and see what pros and cons are identified by those in the know.
    Remember, of course that every child has different needs so you may not find the perfect choice just from talking to other people but by getting honest feedback from people that have experienced the schools you are looking at first hand, you can certainly narrow down the list of schools to see!

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