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Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin

Thảo luận trong 'Góp Ý- Thắc mắc' bắt đầu bởi maradiliko, 20/2/23.


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  1. maradiliko

    maradiliko admin

    (Website tài trợ: kiến trúc nhà ở đẹp)
    If you would like play the particular hits just like AP, at times you have to look at a special remix, and the group from Votre Brassus recently announced a exclusive expression belonging to the concept-only RD#2. This new design, which creates upon typically the success of your recent aunt sets the location with more titanium, less gold, a new watch dial, and minimal production. Im in adore.
    Allow me to intricate. The ultra-thin 41mm RD#2 was launched on platinum as being a concept for 2018 (that watch is seen below, it truly is supremely unusual, equally neat, and very large on wrist). In 2019, AP released the Audemars Piguet Suprême Oak Selfwinding Perpetual Appointments Ultra-Thin RD#2 reference 26586IP. OO. 1240IP. 01, which usually featured a fresh non-tap dial design, and also a blend of supplies, in which much of the watch seemed to be titanium, help save for the board and more advanced links in the bracelet : those are usually platinum and even production appeared to be very limited although not part of a certain numbered release. With this newest release, the planet gets an additional “production” accept the RD#2, this time it may be limited to 2 hundred units.

    If you possibly can imagine these kinds of three wrist watches in a type of Animorphs-esque improve. The concept RD#2 is platinum, the next RD#2 26586IP will be platinum together with titanium, and after this the adjust has struck the next period, full ti. Measuring 41mm wide and just 6. 2mm thick, the newest 26586TI weighs about just seventy-five grams, together with the only non-titanium element of take note being often the screws for that bezel (which are made of whitened gold).

    Besides shedding a couple of grams connected with precious metal, the exact 26586TI twigs largely for the formula yet adds inside a new blue-to-black dial having black subdials, a reddish date feature, and the very same blue aventurine moon level. While I wasn’t wild regarding the look within the smoky azure dial within the press photos, it hits a lovely equilibrium in person the fact that sees numerous saturation inside the blue according to available light source but simply no loss of compare for the subdials.

    Inside, we discover the same record-setting ultra-thin movements as which will found in the prior examples stated earlier, the AP 5133, the industry full never ending calendar programmed movement by using moon step and day/night indication that is definitely only 2 . not 9mm heavy. Pricing? Properly, at a nice CHF 137, 000, the purchase price is nor lightweight or thin. After all, I mentioned it up leading. I’m in love. In the same way I was along with the two earlier versions. High end watchmaking which can be light and wearable regardless of housing certainly one of my all-time favorite difficulties, you couldn’t have slammed the laugh off of my very own face after i tried to both the RD#2 and the fresh 26586TI from the span with just a couple of minutes. The particular smile passed when I were required to give it backside, but I actually digress.

    As being a further manifestation of the RD#2, I think the Audemars Piguet 26586TI addresses directly to the very merits of the RD plan and its capacity to produce a Polish Oak that blends traditions with current cutting-edge generation. The watch seems incredible, can feel amazing, light-weight, and very exceptional on arm. And to my favorite eyes symbolizes a luminosidad for the entire opportunity of the present day Royal Pine.

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