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Attention when taking photos of wedding reportage

Thảo luận trong 'Dịch Vụ Khác' bắt đầu bởi hoanggviett, 15/4/20.


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  1. hoanggviett

    hoanggviett admin

    (Website tài trợ: kiến trúc nhà ở đẹp)
    You just started shooting a wedding reportage, or you’ve been taking it for a while but it’s still vague and unlucky in showing off images. In this article, we will introduce you to the 7 most basic elements for you to start learning the right nature and process when taking wedding photos. Keep track of the points Attention when taking photos of wedding reportage.


    How many beautiful performances does a wedding have, how many beautiful moments? How many beautiful emotions? How many emotions do you see? How many moments did you witness? And how many of them do you capture? You can only shoot unless you know in advance it will happen. And there’s no better way than knowing the wedding timeline and schedule.

    You must know what item is about to happen prepared from the position to the technical factors to record the incident. If you passively wait for things to happen without knowing them in advance, or if things happen too quickly and unexpectedly, are you willing to record them with all the technical factors?

    Screens such as pouring wine, cutting cakes, throwing flowers or toasting and all that are obvious. But the regrets, unexpected emotional moments, the happenings of the wedding day, if you really understand, really know how to get on the timeline and know how to interfere with the Wedding timeline, it only takes a minute. First step into the wedding you can know how this wedding will take place.

    For example: In an earlier article Bow once told an example: if the bride has a paragraph on the stage to say thank you to the bride’s father, and this speech will be very emotional, will you know first to choose a position to recognize the feelings of the bride’s father standing outside the door or at that time just dragging the camera at the bride on stage?

    Timeline is the most basic and essential for anyone shooting wedding reports. Not only does the photographer know in advance the event to not miss the moment, but the timeline is also a Research tool for photographers to better understand their subject, emotions, feelings and about the relationship of the owner. be able to with other people in the wedding.

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    Continuous innovation of new, unique camera angles

    The secret is that the photographer and cameraman must be really creative, rolling to get the shooting angle / angle really new, breakthrough, not repeated as well as not stereotyped. The hard-dry standards will be minimized, the wedding photos of the bride and groom will be as unique as possible – and it is the creativity and freshness of the photographer that will create this.

    The simplicity and closeness always bring emotional pictures

    Emotions are always the main factor that makes the soul of a photo. In addition to the superior shooting techniques, modern technology, the photographer opens his soul to feel and capture the most emotional moments in the wedding will make the soul of the photo.


    Only when capturing the most authentic and simple feelings of the bride and groom, can the wedding photo shoot you take can really make an impression and touch the hearts of the viewers.


    Take a picture to do what if its nature is not story telling is retelling the story with pictures. Photography, Film in general is also the language for you to tell the story by recording the incident.

    With a wedding, you will tell superficially, this type of wedding has this and that, some people, or you will talk about their feelings, emotions, relationships in the family. And in order to understand what you are telling the story, what is recorded by the camera, the stage of researching objects and information about the object (Research) is the most important stage of any form of story telling as well as of any visual language genres. If Research is missing without knowing the subject, the emotional state and the relationships of the subject, then you are describing: “My family has a flock of chickens …”.


    The moment is not just a smile or a tearful cry.

    When you are surprised, you will open your mouth to cover your mouth in a way “Oh my God, Oh my God !!! When you are nervous, you will clasp your hands and bring them to your chest. When you’re excited, reach out and point your finger in the air, or hold your hand and arm up in a Yeah fashion to show strength and confidence. When you’re tired, use your sleeve to wipe sweat from your forehead. When you are touched, the elderly will put their hands on the chest, young people will wipe away tears with the back of their hands, etc. in general a lot. When we take a shot we observe the gesture – the character’s gesture guesses the emotion to capture the right moment. And in gestures, the hands even the arms are the most obvious and varied expression. And also the appearance of that hand in the picture is the most expressive character expression. Without the hand in the picture, it will be difficult for the viewer to see the emotion of the character in the image.


    The moment is not just laughing, crying, waving and dancing, the moment sometimes is just the eyes, the silhouettes passing by, maybe the light, the scenery … is anything we feel see emotions and we want to acknowledge with a good reason.

    Secondary photographer

    Many photographers in Vietnam are assuming that they take the main picture, we will take creative shots hiding from side to side, while the second photographer is going to take photos to greet the guests’ desks, capturing what Vietnam often calls “traditional shooting” “. The truth is the opposite is true. The main photographer is paid to take this wedding, the main photographer must ensure all the items that take place in the Timelines, and 2nd can be the creative one to go around the creative.

    In Vietnam today, there are many photographers who use 2nd shooter as a trick to assert themselves: For example, they often search for a hard 2nd shooter that can cover the whole process of a wedding. Then the main photographer just takes a leisurely set up to get some similar to the famous ones online. They are not pressured by time by any process. The 2nd shooter who took tens of thousands of shots ignored it, they just needed a few, like the ones they were trying to imitate. People who shoot this type of image often get caught up in the tricks of copying, pictures can be uploaded to Facebook like sentences, take photo contests, etc. but the story telling price is not available. Uploading 2 technical photos to “scare” people is easy. When looking at the whole series of photos of the xme people, they can feel the wedding atmosphere, can see the character and emotional feelings or emotional movements of the characters or not, people who shoot in this style often do not.

    The 2nd shooter problem is a bit more technical, but the main and professional shooters they will often carefully study the wedding, prepare and set up before the technical service. Then when entering the wedding they just flow according to the evolution and emotions of the wedding without having to follow any division at all.


    When taking the camera to the wedding, please take a picture and walk around greeting everyone. Say hello so you know who they are and they know who you are. This will help them become more natural in front of your lens, help you “invisible” better in front of them when combined with other skills. It also helps you feel more confident when approaching events.

    Interacting with the subject before shooting, during shooting, and after shooting is a long, but interesting topic. There will be many skills, methods and issues to discuss, but greeting to let others know who you are is what Bow finds the simplest but most effective. Further issues will be discussed in another in-depth article.

    The format of the article will be limited, so these are just 7 basic but most important things in wedding reportage. Other factors and technical issues will be analyzed in other articles.

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