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1/1/90 (Age: 33)
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    1/1/90 (Age: 33)
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    Concise Guide On How To Download Videos On Smartphone

    It is great to be able to watch your favorite videos on your phone even when you are offline! The good news is that saving them on your phone is pretty easy.

    If you are finding yourself confused about downloading Youtube clips on your smartphone, you are at the right place! Let our expert tell you how to do this. Everything becomes easier with a specified and handy video downloader.

    First and foremost, you need to identify what the type of your smartphone is. Then, check out the well-rounded direction compatible with your phone.

    How To Download Videos On Smartphone
    No matter what kind of smartphone you have, downloading clips is likely to be a simple process. You may get things done in minutes by installing a proper video downloader or using an online converter tool.

    Scroll down to see our step-by-step instructions for saving Youtube clips for each type of smartphone! For Apple Device
    Get started with the Apple device. The video link downloader is secure and safe at large. It has versions compatible with both phones and computers.

    Many applications need downloading and installing first, which comes with a tough process and malicious viruses. Meanwhile, has another approach that is safer and faster based on cloud computing technology.

    Beyond that, this tool never slows down your device’s operation. It offers you a comfortable and smooth user experience and ensures to max out the download speed.

    Within only four simple steps, you can get things done in a few minutes:

    • Copy the Video URL first and paste it into the’s text box.

    • When a list of quality and format options provided by the tool appears, you choose which ones fit you most.

    • Ultimately, when you see a pop-up turning up in your web browser, click the Agree button to begin downloading and wait for it to finish.

    • Your video is saved and available on your device. Open it right away and enjoy it.
    TubeMate For Android Smartphone
    TubeMate is an excellent video downloader for your Android smartphone. It’s one of the awe-inspiring tools for Android’s users.

    Take a peek at the step-by-step guide for using this application:

    • Go to the App Store, find TubeMate, and select Install App.

    • It's important to note that you must click OK to dismiss the warning about the .apk file that could harm your phone.

    • When the software has finished saving, click Open.

    • In case you have never installed an App outside the Play store before, you may encounter an "install blocked" prompt. To this end, go to Settings and check the box next to Unknown sources, then click OK.

    • Select Install.

    • Once the app finishes downloading, you open it and click Agree when you see a list of terms.

    • Copy the Youtube URL and paste it into TubeMate.

    • To the right of the clip, click the red Download icon and select the desired quality.

    • Choose the video quality you want. To begin, click the Red Download button once again. From that on, accessing/opening the video file on the My Files app is uncomplicated.
    QDownloader For Windows Smartphone
    With a phone with Windows 8.1 or later version, using the online video downloader provided by QDownloader is extremely simple. It can save clips from diverse sites, including Instagram, Vimeo, and so on.

    You will be able to convert clips to MP4 format without having to register to the site. Here are the steps:

    • Go to the QDownloader website;

    • Access the YouTube page where your favorite video is located. Next, copy its URL;

    • Navigate to the website and look for the text box. In this field, paste the URL you copied;

    • Select the purple Download button next to the text box and wait a few seconds;

    • The page will show you a list of videos you can save. Choose the one you want and click on the Download Video;

    • A prompt may turn up asking you to Open or Save the file. Just click the Save option to save the video to the device. Otherwise, if no prompt appears, it means that your clip is saved automatically.
    UC Browser For Blackberry Smartphone
    UC Browser is considered a cross-platform web browser with multiple languages. With only a few simple installation steps, you can freely save any clip and movie. This interesting tool also comes up with other effective tools, including Smart File Manager, Night Mode, and so on.

    UC Browser brings the high-speed download standard. It will astound you by allowing you to quickly save any movies, songs, or clips. The entire process is smooth and uncomplicated.

    Let’s have a glimpse of simple steps:

    • Access UCBrowser website or find it in Google Play Store. Then, click the Download or Install button;

    • Setting up this new application by opening the UC Browser app and clicking the Option and Setting icon. Go on setting it as a ‘’default browser’’ to finish the installation process;

    • Get to the Youtube page containing the video you would like to save. When you play the clip, a download bar will pop up automatically and show the ‘’Download’’ or ‘’Play Online’’ button;

    • Click the Download option and wait for a few minutes;

    • Once the process completes, it is good to go as the downloaded file is available on your device.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Is It Safe To Use Converter Applications?
    Using converter apps is relatively safe. The application versions tend to be more reliable compared to the online tools.

    Still, that’s not necessarily mean online downloaders are unsafe. Many well-known and dependable ones are available for you to choose, such as the ones we suggested above.

    What Formats Are Available To Download?
    It depends on the tool or app you use. Typically, most formats included are MP4, MP3, and WAV. To be sure, you can check on the site or in the description box of the app before use.

    Wrapping Up
    By and large, we have already gone through some core steps of downloading videos on your phone. Hopefully, we offer the most responsive and cutting-edge tools that make things faster.

    Nothing is better than possessing a good video downloader for your phone. From now on, stay relaxed and enjoy your me-time with all your favorite clips, even if you are offline.


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